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Having problems requesting an evidence of Hazard Insurance?

Is your Agent taking too long to respond or the prices are too high for your Debt Ratios?

  • We make ourselves available by email and phone 24/7
  • We get quotes out in as little as 5 minutes and, in extreme cases, as much as 30 minutes.
  • We also process policy changes in as little as 5 minutes and 15 minutes, at most.

How can we actually deliver such extravagant claims?

  1. We have a dedicated staff just for you.
  2. We use a single email just for you:
  3. We use a single telephone number just for you: 801-704-0808
  4. We are experienced - we have 20-22 current customers (July 2016) we are providing this high level of service for!
  5. We have 12 Insurance Companies competing for your business. (we may drop or add more as conditions dictate)
  6. We ALWAYS make sure the coverages quoted will cover ALL reasonable contingencies.
  7. We will, with the customer's permission, come to their home and make sure they understand what risks are covered and which are not and, they are happy with the coverage provided.

We also provide:

  • Constant but, not intrusive, contact to be sure everything STAYS the way you want it.
  • Sponsorship of your sales meeting with breakfast or lunch
  • A website for you and your clients use.

We are here to help you close your deal 24/7. EMAIL OR CALL OUR LIVE QUOTE LINE - (801) 704.0808


Vehicle damage is a fact of life. Trees fall on them, rocks crack their windshields and even the most careful driver is involved in traffic accidents from time to time. Briceno Insurance not only insures damage to your vehicle and passengers, but the damage you may do to other vehicles, property or individual(s). And we promise to have a tow truck on-site within 45 minutes of receiving your call.


If you own a business, you’ve got enough on your mind without worrying about what will happen if an employee is injured on the job or your roof is damaged in a storm. Briceno Insurance helps you minimize your risk with a comprehensive array of products designed just for business: general liability, workers compensation, group health insurance – even special coverage for home businesses.


The urge to protect our homes, the place where we lay our heads and raise our children, is universal. Briceno Insurance helps keep the castle safe and sound with comprehensive coverage that guards against theft, fire and storm damage. We also insure other properties, including apartments, condos, mobile homes and property owned by your business. Ask your agent for a quote.

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We are devoted to offer you our best independent advice while getting you the right coverages at very affordable rates.

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